Former Manchester United Star Patrice Evra Impersonates Bob Marley, Says He Loves Jamaica

Not having the best start to the week? Well don’t worry, Patrice Evra is on hand to cheer you up once again.

The Marseille defender, who always finds a way to entertain himself off the field, has this time uploaded an amusing video of himself impersonating Bob Marley onto his official Instagram account.

“One love ❤️ one heart ❤️ let’s get together 🌍and we will be alright 🙏🏼 Are you getting addicted too my Monday video now??😂😂😂😂🔥❤️smoking happiness like usual 🤣👌 @usainbolt i love this game haahahahah” Evra captioned in the video.

The former Manchester United star can be seen donning a Rastafarian hat with Marley’s legendary locks, while singing the Jamaican’s well known ‘One Love’ song.

Evra, who also pretends to smoke while dancing topless in the video, captioned his post: ‘One love, one heart, let’s get together and we will be alright.

‘Are you getting addicted to my Monday video now. Smoking happiness like usual. Usain Bolt I love this game hahahaha’.

The 36-year-old is currently enjoying a break from his Marseille duties following their entertaining 4-2 victory over Nice in Ligue 1 on Sunday night.

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