From Portmore United to Hungry, Wolry Wolfe continues his trail

“Admiring the great Diego Maradona was the start of my path, however playing for Ferencvaros Hungarian Football Club was a…

dream fulfilled!” Says Wolry Wolfe, one of the ‘Wolfe Pack’ brothers.

By Tilsa C. Wright

SYM: I read somewhere that you earned 14 caps for Jamaica, explain what a cap is?

To correct you, I have actually earned 24 caps for Jamaica. A cap in football language means the amount of times you have represented a country.

SYM: What did it feel like getting the call from Hungry?

The day Ferencvaros Hungarian Football Club knocked on my door with an offer, was one of the best days of my life! I felt as though I won the lottery, after literally being a player for so long; and as we all know the odds of winning that is one in a billion. It is every footballer’s dream to play on an International level, Ferencvaros gave me that dream. This opportunity definitely boosted my career.

SYM: Have you carefully sat down and examined the growth and potential of the Jamaica Football team, and, or the sport as it has a great impact on many youths.

Yes I have, and frankly the number of professional Jamaican players has grown over the years. We are now seeing a statistical surge of great players, and this is proven by the number of our National players being recruited by major international teams. This puts our country on the map, and gives the players exposure to a more rigid and tense training camp, thus enhancing their skills further. We have certainly seen the impact our growth has on the youngsters, thanks to the Reggae Boyz playing in World Cup. The passion for this sport among our youths is very visible more so now, in comparison to let’s say 20 years ago.

SYM: Who was your first coach, and what significance did he have on your career?

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