Gabrielle Union: “Don’t Be Ashamed To Eat Butt,”…Said WHAT?!

“So, how old were you when you first ate a butt?”

That’s a real question Sway asked Gabrielle Union during his radio show in a conversation about sexual reciprocity … a conversation that has everyone grabbing some Scope.

Gabby appeared on “Sway in the Morning” and talked openly about sex — and that’s when tossed salads appeared on the menu.

Dwyane Wade’s wife says even though men will deny it, they enjoy a little backdoor love from women … and they’re singing a completely different tune in the bedroom.

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As a woman I think that’s hitting below the belt. Deal with the issues hmmm
Think she needs to shut up tho. She’s sounding real stupid.
She’s just degradating her husband.

People worship these movie star on don’t even Kno wat they do behind close doors

Gabbi is a Scorpio Fullstop

Haha .. Now many Woman get company to,say they eat shit

She had nine miscarriage plus an abortion when she was younger so I don’t think a baby is coming anytime soon.