Gage Drops New Track ‘Pretend’ That Will Bring You To Tears, See Fans Reactions

Listen to this new track Pretend by dancehall artiste Gage that fans are loving.


“the song bad the man flow hard everything weh the man a talk a true the song deep”

“Gage is maturing as an artist he did a great job on this track I prefer this over hard tackle 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”

“Man is on a next level from the rest a artist them a road. Me sure if Gage have all the resources and platform as the rest him would a be e biggest thing.”

“yow the man song dem hard yuh f*ck. mi hate when artists a drop song big song like dem yah know how long the man a drop dem yah and the bigger head dem nuh wah bus the man thing dem nuh wah give the man the shout out cause dem nuh wah him big a than dem dem and if a people like vybzkartel,alkaline,tommylee,movado ro popcaan the song would a deh 200000 and addi views already.dem fi gi the man him ratings him deserve it”

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mek meh get 30 likes if d Mon bad beng

Very nice song

Bredda.. U sound like a waste man, unnuh complain everyday seh di man dem sing too much negativity… If di youth dem deliver summn inspirational, unnuh still ridicule them… Why not applaud di youth fi him present positive venture, unnuh a di perfect example of “once a hater, always wil… Read more »

Only truth di bredda a talk. Real, bruh. My respect to you for this song. Now, let’s get it some rotation.

It way up a swear