Gaza Kim Talks Being Beaten By Vybz Kartel Cronies, Rape & Depression

Kym Hamilton, formerly known as Gaza Kim, has opened up about being beaten by Vybz Kartel cronies and going into a state of depression since then.

“Them tell a bag a lie pon me fi mek mi get beaten / The bugga them want to see me weaken / But mi never weak at all only mi bladder get weaken / Maybe because it was on a weekend / Friday, January 22nd, 2010 was when mi life change,” she sings. January, 22, 2010 was the date the beaten took place and the deejay left the Gaza a short time later. During an interview on NightlyFix, she opened up about her life following that incident and how it sent her into a state of depression and weight gain.

She also spoke about being raped at age 17 by a man older than her and is only recently opening up about it to her mother.

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I can’t believe some of these comments. She has been rape there is no getting over that

A wa the beating mash up u voice box . . Kmt every time she looking a come back she start all over with the topic.

She affi knw

Well mi no like drama an dem affi knw

That is what u say now but if u work with somebody an dem try that with u that is something u never for get all wen u a say it move on