‘My mother is one of the best in the world’ Says Girl Beaten With Machete

The 12-year-old girl whose mother is now in police custody after a video of her beating the child with a machete began circulating on social media says “her mother is one of the best mothers I know in the world.”

Speaking on Hitz 92 FM this morning, the girl declared her love for her mother, saying that she felt bad now that her mother has been placed in police custody.

She, however, maintained that she is not fearful that her mother would lash out at her again, “because I’m not going to misbehave or flash her off, or do any kind of thing to her so that she can beat me again”. She also said that her mother needs to change her attitude, but would want to remain in her care.

As to the person who recorded the video, she indicated that she was upset but could not explain why.

She also denied being the one who was speaking sexually in a voice note which some speculate was the reason for the beating.

The 44-year-old unemployed woman was seen on video beating her 12-year-old daughter with a machete in St. Thomas.  A crowd had gathered on Sunday night at the Bath Police Station where she was being held initially, following her arrest, reports.

The woman and her daughter were questioned by the police and officers from the Child Development Agency (CDA).

The child was released to the custody of her aunt who lives in the same yard where the beating took place.

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That’s is the reason why people can’t go between a mother and her kids dont care wat she is Defending her mother she probably know her mother was upset and she doing the right thing by sticking up for her mother because every body want to throw her under the… Read more »
Dome a unu just too nuff mon,see how quick some a unu ready fi send the woman go prison lef her children them,the worst thing bout it nuff a unu so called parents a do worst than that to unu kids an ready fi judgement the lady. BLOOD THICKER THAN… Read more »

Mommy use to beat out me life I have to act like me dead and roll over my eyes and stiff out make she stop. But today am happy and I love her if mommy never strick probably I would be dead or something baaaaaaaaad.

Best in the world yes “best at wheeling a lass an it nuh cut yuh bahine” but on a serious note #freedirhasslady

Boy I can’t even comment on this cause trust me when u go the extra miles for them give them what u never get trust me you will kill them n turn round n cry cause if a dog u don’t want your kidz to end up like u sometimes… Read more »