Girl That Allowed Artiste To Stand On Her Back Upsets Boyfriend “your a disgrace to the community”

The woman in the now viral video, Shantel Buckley, that allowed entertainer Ganggoolie to stand on her back at a recent party, said the video has now caused problems in her relationship.

“Right now, mi boyfriend nah talk to me. I didn’t do anything bad, but him nah talk to me. Him see me do it already, and it wasn’t a problem for him, but him say da one here look very awful and disgusting,” Buckley, also known as Thickaz said in an interview with the Star.

Thickaz also adds that people in her community are calling her out as a disgrace to the community.

In the video, Ganggoolie can be seen standing atop a ‘big-boned’ woman, as he performs his song, Boom It Up. The video lasts for a little over two minutes, and Ganggoolie uses the Buckley’s back as a stage for more than half its duration

😥😥😥 #Ganggoolie your thoughts?

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Fame yu did a look but girl u fool bad naah lie

Apart from this girl have low self-esteem, does she realise the health risk ? As for the socall entertainer, in which I see no entertainment,wld you like to see another man do this to your woman if you had one, or your mother, daughter sister ?

Sorry Missy u spread ur bed so ly in it

My girl u man a fool y him bex him nuh see say a u invent the new style call foot rag

You don’t value your self……
that is where the problems lies