YardHype Features ‘Give Thanks and Praise’ by Ital

Ital nourishes the soul with debut single, ‘Give Thanks and Praise’ Multitalented producer, Donovan Miller, more popularly known as Ital is offering food for thought for music lovers with his debut single, Give Thanks and Praise.

Ital, known as the brainchild behind the revered music website, Jamrock Vybz, has produced singles for some of reggae music’s most instrumental figures such as Sizzla Kalonji, Luciano, Perfect Giddimani and Lutan Fyah, among many others.

Now, he is looking to showcase his lifelong passion for music through his own vocals with his first single, partly inspired by the much-publicized killing of Eric Garner, among other events that truly make us take into account how precious our lives are and why we must not take for granted what the Most High has given us.

The right blend of vocals and instrumentals is noticeable throughout this track as Ital, who’s sound is inspired by the likes of Jacob ‘Killer’ Miller, Black Uhuru, Prince Alla and Tenor Saw, among others belts out thought-provoking lyrics to a beat filled with bits of powerful trumpet plays and a solid bassline. This song spreads a powerful message that we must ‘trample the beast,’ so ‘Babylon get defeat’ while reaffirming that ‘This Armagiddeon is a revolution, my people hold firm and strong.’”

This song showcases Ital’s undying love and reverence for His Imperial Majesty; making it relatable to those who share such a bond with the creator. It also puts into perspective what the priorities in life are and should be as we continue to trod on in times of uncertainty and injustice that plague our society daily.
Give Thanks and Praise is produced by Jamrock Vybz Records in collaboration with Ted Ganung’s Ted Dun Know Productions recording label.

Ganung’s guitar, keys and bass can be heard throughout the hard-hitting beat on this track, while Atsushi Ouchi features on the saxophone and Matt Giella on the trumpet; with background vocals from Nikki Burt, who has worked with the likes of Tarrus Riley and Alborosie. The track was mastered at Mac Les Music Factory in Belgium.

It will be officially unveiled April 7 and will be available across all major digital music platforms. Music lovers will want to Give Thanks and Praise to H.I.M. once hearing this inspiration song first time.

Yes I
Blessed meditation King Selassie I Jah
Gotta give ises for life eno
Even when them rise against I

Mediation of I thoughts
Meditation of i heart
Pure and divine love to earth daughters & sons
Rastafari govern and rule above

Chorus x2
Give thanks & praise Selassie name
Ghetto youths don’t be troubled
In this Armageddon this a revolution
My people hold firm and strong

Verse 1
Man a trod to the east
Trample the beast
Dutty Babylon get defeat
Iya trod upright yet them a give i a fight
Beat the drums fya flames ego ones
Revolution warrior ancient bongo nyah
Troddin from now till dem scatter
Prince Emanuel govern the square
Haile Selassie rule the land
My people hold firm and strong

Verse 2
Weh dem ago wid them spies
Binghi see them from a far
Jook out all dem eyes
Protected by the Prince King Rastafari
Lion of Judah nuh matter wah dem a try
Shield of defense when mama joy cry
Stop & frisk have we youths them a die
Ina babylon sey we nah stand calm
GreatOnez a beg yuh sound the alarm

Verse 3
Jah Rastafari
The Youths them nah calm
Dem a squeeze it down the lane
In the street and after dark
Mama cry another one gone
Dutty shitstems a drive ghetto youths to wrath
Rise up elevate all your thoughts
Free your mind from hate
Justice is a reward
In the land of the sinking sand
Rastafari fear not a dutty babylon

Ted dun know King Ital
Rastafari keep it Vital
Blessed Jah nyabinghi Ises
Prince Emmanuel i Selassie I
Empress Menen I I

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