Gully Bop allegedly to Marry new girlfriend

The life of Gully Bop is never short on Drama; Apparently the “every gyal want a wuk offa me” artiste is planning to marry his new love interest A’Mari.
Social network has been buzzing with rumours of the two planning to get eloped after Bop was allegedly spotted in various jewellery stores looking at wedding rings.

A’mari, who has gracefully taken over the role Shauna Chin once held dearly has been known to be an avid documenter of her daily activities. In a recent video uploaded to her profile page, she was seen in bed with LA Lewis partially clothed with an excited Lewis explaining that “a hot boy she want inna bed lay down wid eno” while the two laughed and frolicked.

A very angry LA Lewis later uploaded a video confirming that he and A’Mari once shared a romantic relationship but Bop “sucked her away” from him.


“Satan have unnuh it nuh normal gully bop if you fool one more time fi you muma have you when moon full it better u did stay in a the gully because you come out and a disturb we you pain we heart so it better u did tan down deh a wonder if there’s anyway you can go back down a the gully one sumadiy nuh supposed to fool so”

“Amari need fi tek the money she a waste put out music and open a charity to feed the kids or help develop their skills”

“So wats wrong wid him dating someone else?? Him gu back to chin unu cuss..a [email protected] unu want him fi f.#c.k??”

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