Gully Bop and Chin Saga continues

It seems like Gully Bop and Manager Shauna Chin are back together, just a month after a public split. Both posted a picture of themselves at the airport, with captions which hinted at a reunion.

In the meantime a video has surfaced online in which Gully Bop addresses all the naysayers saying that the hardware run outta stock.

Gully Bop took to Instagram and posted the clip below captions “bestfriends fo life”.

See some comments that fans left online


De world a watch you just know your self because next time no one going to feel sorry for you😳


Caribbean people. “Beat me up babe so ah kno yuh still love meh ” smh


Chin fool left the one teeth man nuh girl.. run while you can…

Bestfriends fo life.. #gullybop @team.chinchin

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