Gully Bop finds new “brownin” girlfriend + Crashes in Gully Bank

Dancehall artiste Gully Bop appears to be dating fellow female artiste A’mari aka DJ Mona Lisa as he has officially called it quits with his on-again, off-again relationship with his former fiancee, Chin Chin.

Gully Bop is happy exploring his feelings for A’mari with whom he has recorded the singles, Cheater Girl and No Ordinary Girl.

“Like how God send Chin, ah so him send A’mari. Chin come inna the relationship fake, and she come outta it fake. Chin water tank dry up. From A’mari come inna mi life, mi feel the realness, mi know real people. Mi a street yute, mi can read mind and mi love the heart weh she have, she never born with no grudge. Right now, mi spirit tek her, but mi no know what can happen inna the future,”

Gully Bop said.

ALSO check out this video clip below… Gully Bop Crashes


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