Gully Bop here D!SSing Khago the worst way… Tells Khago about his mother [Video]

Watch as dancehall enyertainer Gully Bop D!SS & THREATEN Khago | Anyweh Mi BUCK Khago Mi Aguh Lick Off Him Face

Queen Olive goes off on Gully Bop… says “Bop Cock! cant work”…[Video]

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mi nah lie gully bop hard fi look pon enuh

Poor thing

As somebody look pon this piece a shit it feel like some body and did people garbage

Watch u still living under two pieces of zinc and a gwn like u wa stile khago…u should a glad sombady wa put u somewhere good fe live,ugly and pap down like some old abundant place,and u dam mouth full a garbage like down a Riverton dump.dam idiot.

Jah know star a di wrong year dis weh sing na keep