GULLY BOP Interviewed by Ragga Shanti [Video]

listen to GULLY BOP SEH MANAGEMENT DID A ROB HIM. Heavy-D Promotions calls it quits with Gully Bop
We helped to portray him as a genuine artiste to the world
After opening the first major platform to Gully Bop at Sting 2014 in an effort to solidify the viral sensation as a true recording artiste and performer, Heavy-D Promotions has severed all ties.

Artiste Confused Over 20% Management and Booking Fees

“We collect only 20% as agreed for bookings and management. We collect 20% of the deposit and 20% of the balance, which makes it 20% of the entire amount. Bop believes we are charging 20 plus 20 to equal 40% of the total amount this is not so. He got angry in Canada as a result of not understanding and took off,” Heavy-D says.

We Care for him and want the best for him

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