Gully Bop Says Shauna Chin Was A “Done Gyal” He “Fixed Up”

Dancehall artiste Gully Bop blasted Shauna Chin during a recent Facebook live session after overseas-based recording artist Dr. Love suggested he should go back to dating her because she was a good woman.

“Mi tek up a done gyal and fix her up, a mi fix up bloodcl**** Chin and put Chin inna life,” a furious Bop responded. “Mek mi tell unu supn… Chin never put mi no where.”

Bop also said that dating chin was a major set back in his life.

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Make bop move a gweh. He’s in not position to diss chin. Chin can do way better than gully shit. But I wrong her from day one if you don’t lie with dogs you can’t catch flee.

The thing with gully bop he’s a very ungrateful person and he’s very hype that’s one of the main factor why he’s stuck where he is ..he’s the type of person to throw the stone then act like he’s the victim


All o can say right now is hahaha it funny

Well fi them choice that