Gun Of Licensed Firearm Holder Among Guns Taken From ‘Duppy Flim’

One of the firearms taken from the body of wanted man Marlon “Duppy Flim” Perry who was killed by the police a month ago belonged to a licenced firearm holder according to reports.

The police are said to be investigating the firearm holder and trying to ascertain how his gun ended up in Duppy Flim’s possession. According to information the firearm was not reported lost or stolen. It’s understood that the Firearm Licensing Authority, FLA, has since taken an interest in the matter.

Duppy Flim was fatally shot by the police on September 4 during an operation in Port Morant, St Thomas. Two pistols and an AK 47 rifle were seized.

‘Duppy Film’ Was living The Life Days Before His Death

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What exactly do u mean by that world Wolrd Wide Entertaiment ? I don’t wish to assume

Rip genna

Hummmmm a how dis sound suh

Anybody found to have harbored and assisted him until he met his untimely demise needs to be brought up on charges..
Even if dem name madda…

Only hope that is thief him thief thm