“Hezbollah”, by John Reinhard Dizon

Hezbollah is a story about showbiz, music, and three women that are in the chase to regain their lost fame and fortune

hezbollah_ScribdDon’t let yourself be fooled by the title, because this is not a book about the religious beliefs of the Lebanese people. On the contrary, it is a novel about a subject that has nothing to do with any religions whatsoever. It is a story about showbiz, music, and three women that are in the chase to regain their lost fame and fortune. Probably you didn’t expect that, so give this intriguing book a chance, as you might enjoy the story that happens in the backstage.

hezbollah_front Hezbollah is a band, and the story is about the relationships and intrigues that are created between band  members, producers, managers, and all the people involved in the business. It is a crazy world, as the author  describes it right from the first lines. He starts the book straight, without any previous introduction, and  placed the reader right in the middle of a scene. But the showbiz is exactly like this, fast, shocking, with  quick turnarounds and agitated. Just like the character presented in the first scene, who forgot about his  lunch meeting, because he got caught up in his work at the studio. And now, he was rushing to be still able  to find his partner at the dining place.

The three stars of this novel, Tina Rivera, Isabel Carmona and Deborah Munson, are the main characters  that make the action revolve in this book. They are presented in different stages of their lives and how,  eventually, remembering about their glorious days on stage, they will try to catch the last train towards fame.  But in showbiz, a band is nothing without a proper producer. In the case of these three ladies, J.C.  “Continental” Lincoln is the name of the man that made the band what it was. But even though he met  success, life was harsh on him, now being in the terminal phase of AIDS, as his life was soon going to end.  So he wants to throw one last major show with the band he created.

The world had changed since the days the group was high on the wave. Today, the musical world was dominated by a different generation of artists. So the band members, who were now twenty years older, as afraid of what will be the reaction of the public. But, the need for money, as they encountered shortage, will make them search for their last strengths. The band sounds great in the studio, but will they make in living on stage? So let yourself be captive in a world so less known by us, the ordinary music enthusiast. Get to see the story from the inside of what a band means and how rough the entertainment business can be. It is not a book that focuses only on music and band history, but the stories about the people that made the band exist. And these are the stories we always get to know little about. Thus, this book with a modern approach, lets us throw an eye behind the thick curtains.

Hezbollah, by John Reinhard Dizon is available at Amazon : http://www.amazon.com/dp/1770764577


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