High School Students Suspended For Verbally Explicit Video,…For The ***** Challenge

A group of students at the St Catherine High School has been suspended following their participation in a raunchy social media challenge, which encourages participants to verbalise what they would do for the D*ick or for the p***y.

Vice-principal of the St Johns Road-based institution, Geraldine Palmer-Allen, told the Gleaner that the video was brought to the attention of school administrators on Monday, and the students, who are all in grade 10, were given a five-day suspension the following day. Members of the school board are expected to meet shortly to discuss the matter.

Education Minister Ruel Reid, after learning of the video, noted that there was definitely need for digital literacy, given the far-reaching impact of social media.

See video below:

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Tell me what other punishment? If you beat them a child abuse, if you give them work to do a child labour. So what other punishment, them must get to paint the whole school, cut the yard, clean up the place for a month. But then their parents would have… Read more »

Them too rass out of order an bring shame pan them school an parents if a eva my daughter all now that cya sit down are lay down so see how them parents wuck hard u wah sing bout dick are tek it keep to uself too prime

Syvonn Lewis y they never think about education before doing that video ddnt they know it wud reach back to the school as a single mom i went through shit wit one of mine it’s not ez these days wit these kids i tried my best to do which is… Read more »

Dem couldn’t wait till dem go home then nobody wouldn’t kno say dem even go a catherine

Gud fi Dem a dat Dem a go school go lean? Go check out Dem average in school De now Dem mussy dunce like bat