Horrible: Chicago Teen Found Dead Inside A Hotel’s Walk-In Freezer! [Video]

A 19-year-old Chicago woman has been found dead in a suburban hotel’s freezer. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office says Kenneka Jenkins was pronounced dead Sunday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont. It says her cause of death is not yet confirmed although an autopsy has been completed. Rosemont police say hotel staff discovered Jenkins inside the walk-in freezer. They say she was last seen at a party at the hotel early Saturday. She was reported missing Saturday afternoon. The woman’s mother, Tereasa Martin, told the Chicago Tribune that police told her Jenkins apparently let herself into the freezer while drunk. Martin said that if her daughter was drunk, she would have had difficulty opening the heavy freezer doors and would’ve realized she wasn’t entering an elevator or the hotel entrance.

Watch the video below from 3:00…You can hear the victim in the back ground screaming as her friend turns up the music.

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OMG just can’t trust Fren but God see on know every thing they will get what coming to them

Ppl jus fuck up yooow, dats y wen destruction a tec jah land no one must say nothing a to mankind wicked dats y, jus sorry fi d innocent kmt mi vex honestly.

O my dis sad, how can a drank person lay in a freezer till death, no coldness its like a person lye in bed d house check a fire n u feel d heat n jump up kmt police worry up n do u job too unbelievable n wicked. Cyan… Read more »

Search Monifah Shelton on fb and u will find the video Amelia Fergie

Wicked fucka them will get what is coming to them