Ishawna C-Class Mercedes Benz seized again [Video]

Controversial Dancehall artist Ishawna’s 2012 White C-Class Mercedes-Benz has been seized once again.

The luxury vehicle was taken away by the cops on Thursday evening shortly after 5 pm off Mannings Hill Road, Kingston 8, Jamaica.

It is understood that the vehicle was seized due to lack of license and fitness. Ishawna was given a $10,000 ticket and an October 30, 2017, court date.

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Isn’t there better things to talk about in ja. People loosing their lives daily, let’s try and help how to get the murderers off the streets. So we can have a better country where the citizen’s can walk free and be free.

Matter not dI sing about her mother in prison don’t mean she a go sing about dI mother like that sickness is not a thing u rejoice over are talk about like that she as no respect they both wrong

Her car is not the first to be taken. Away and it’s not the last

Hot gal cant license and insure her car. A what is not this