Ishawna Calls Danielle D.I A “CopyCat” & Request A 1000 Comment To “Bury Her”

It is likely that the feud between female dancehall artiste Ishawna and Danielle D.I won’t be ending anytime soon.

Following the release of Danielle D.I. second diss track “Street Bicycle,” Ishawna took to her Instagram calling out Danielle D.I. as a “copycat” and request 1000 comment from her fans to respond to the track.

“ISSA Copy cat!!! 🙀😹” Ishawna wrote “Mi kill her already but gimme 1,000 comments and mi bury di BITCH!!!! #Spice #SaltHoleDI 🙃” She added.

#ishawna 💨 getting ready for round #2 #Lol #danielledi

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Go find something and do ladies…….positive

Weh dem nuh just fight and done mek we see who really bladder kmt disgusting

Kmt waste of time


Am not impress about none of these females trying to bury each other…get me positivity and unity and peace and then I will be impress….In the meanwhile ppl are dying like dogs in the streets…real hearts cares and I never heard a pin dropped along these lines from any of… Read more »