Ishawna Features In Complex Magazine’s Pigeons and Planes: Dancehall’s Oral Sex Debate

Dancehall artiste Ishawna has been featured in Complex Magazine’s Pigeons and Planes.

The article which centers around Ishawna’s controversial single “Equal Rights,” that was released back in April takes an in-depth look at Dancehall’s Oral Sex Debate.

The writer sought to compare Ishawna’s “Equal Rights” to Lil Kim’ Not Tonight that was released 21 years ago.

“So it was a pretty big deal when up-and-coming dancehall star Ishawna dropped her track “Equal Rights and Justice” this past April. She makes the case for the same kind of oral sex equality that Lil Kim demanded back in the ’90s. Ishawna was just speaking her truth—“if you waan head, my youth, you haffi suck this,” she stated boldly—but while her record came out 21 years after “Not Tonight,” she’s facing a major backlash the likes of which Lil Kim never saw.”

Throughout the article, the writer sought to give readers an idea of when the topic of oral sex was first introduced in dancehall.

“The first male dancehall artist to tell the truth about enjoying oral sex may have been Spragga Benz. In 2000 he released “Harder,” which casually mentions a girl giving him head.”

More recently artistes like Kartel, Gage, and Alkaline have made it somewhat okay to be a “freaky gal,” i.e. a female who will give a guy head.

You can read the full article here.

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