Ishawna & Joe Bogdanovich getting it in, after wife’s death

Downsound Records boss Joe Bogdanovich is currenlty mourning the death of wife Toya and Ishawna seems to be helping him.

Joe’s wife Dancehall artiste Toya whose given name is Latoya Alicia Jackson, died last week thursday in the Unites States of America from her long battle with diabetes.

But that didn’t stopped Bogdanovich from getting a piece of Ishawna during her raunchy performance at Blitz Party in Miami last Saturday.

Ishawna and Bogdanovich has once again refueled rumours that they are an item after this photo went viral on social media last weekend.
However according to Joe’s Bogdanovich publicist Claude Mills, Joe Bogdanovich is still mourning the death of wife Toya despite the now controversial photo of him partying with Ishawna just days after her untimely passing.

“Don’t jump to judgement,” – Said Mills

” it is a regular part of Ishawna’s performance to pull members of the audience onto the stage. ” – He continued

“Ishawna pulled Bogdanovich onto the stage mid-way through her performance and though Joe was reluctant to go, he went, given that he is in the business of entertainment,” said Mills .

“He is still in mourning for his wife of thirteen years, whom he loved dearly,” added the Downsound Record publicist.

Joe-Ishawna-and joe


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