Ishawna Says Spice Deserves Queen Of Dancehall Title,…”She Is A Great Artiste”

Controversial dancehall artiste Ishawna had a candid interview on Onstage with host Winford Williams which was aired on Saturday night (October 14).

The former Downs Sound records artiste touched on a number of topics including the feud with Danielle D.I, Spice, Equal Rights and experiencing a better career since her break up with baby father Foota Hype.

With Regards to the feud with Danielle D.I., Ishawna says it was nothing personal as D.I. claimed but mare music and it was just the right moment to “festive up the hurricane season.”

As it relates to Spice being recently crowned queen of the dancehall Ishawna says she deserves the title as she has been in the industry long enough and working hard.

On the issue of ‘Equal Rights,’ she explains that he took her career to another level getting more bookings etc.

On Miss Lou controversy Ishawna says she dissed the bandana and not Miss Lou as she has great respect for Miss Lou. She sees her as an icon just like everybody else and thinks she should have been given national hero rather than to have a petition. Ishawna also said she did sign the petition.

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