ISIS Threatens 2018 FIFA World Cup With Image Of Messi Crying Blood

A spine chilling poster which shows Argentina captain Lionel Messi crying blood found its way to the public forum after it was reportedly published by a pro-ISIS media group.

The poster, which was released by Wafa Media Foundation, was discovered by the think tank SITE Intelligence Group and shows Messi behind bars, with a message, “You are fighting a state that does not have failure in its dictionary.”

The chilling poster also used Nike’s famous tagline, “Just Do It” and turned it into “Just Terrorism.”

ISIS’s relation to football is well known. Only recently, in November 2015, ISIS members set off a series of bombs around Paris, one of which exploded outside the Stade de France, while France were playing Germany in a friendly international. That same night ISIS also claimed responsibility for a mass shooting that occurred at a Paris concert venue – killing a total of 130 people were killed in the events.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup has been a topic of discussion amongst many pro-ISIS groups and ISIS sympathisers, while Russia has also seen several acts of terrorism over the past decades, including some for which ISIS has claimed responsibility.

The World Cup which almost did not feature Lionel Messi as Argentina were on the brink of missing out on qualification will kick off June 14 and run through July 15.

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Is this for real