Jada Kingdom Celebrates 19th Birthday & Shares Touching Message “i’ve been on my own since i was 14”

Recording artiste/Model Jada Kingdom is celebrating her 19th birthday today and she has opened up about why she shies away from sharing her her age publicly.

The fasting rising artiste took to her Instagram account on Monday to sharing a touching story to her over 300k followers where she highlights the fact that she has been on her own since the age of 14.

“this is why i never posted much about my age…” she wrote

“i’ve been on my own since i was 14 (i will say why later on).
But i had to grow up,i was forced to…i never had normal teenage years its sad but true…at 15 i had to be 20,i had no one to defend me so i had to defend my fucking self…i look older because i suffered!,i strived!,i fought!,don’t judge me because i’m different!,you don’t know me or what i’ve been through…the streets did that!,this life is not a game,you better wake the fuck up or get fucked!”

She continued “i am glad i guided myself,i found a way out and i thank god for where i am today,i’m now glad i went through it all because it made me the progressive,ambitious,strong,talented young lady i am today🙏🏽 i am proud to not be like your average 18 year old because if i was then i probably wouldn’t be who i am today…mental maturity saved my life,physical maturity kept me balanced.” the love situation singer wrote.

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Happy birthday baby girl…

Happy birthday girl u up babe’s

Me a 41 and me don’t look like you great great granny and I don’t look like the birthday girl trust me lol you a wicked

Happy birthday

Just hear bout har when she wrote the song