Jah Cure Says “All Is Well” Following Horrific Car Accident

Reggae star Jah Cure is counting his blessings after emerging relatively unscratched following a car accident in Daniel Town, Trelawny on Saturday night.

According to eyewitnesses from a video alleged to be that of the accident a driver drove out on Jah cure, in trying to avoid a collision Jah Cure lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a tree, eyewitnesses say.

Speaking with residents, The Cure made it clear he wasn’t at fault, “Mek mi tell yuh diss, mi nuh just crash suh eno Daddy….,” he said. “Is a man do that to mi…. yuh see a while ago….,” he added.

Persons who had gathered on the scene to assist the deejay lamented that his 2017 Mercedes Benz C63S was damaged beyond repair.

In a post to his Instagram page yesterday “From you have life, you have everything” with the hashtags #alliswell, #jahisgreat and #longlive.” JahCure wrote.

While Jah Cure received support from many entertainers some social media users pointed out that Jah Cure had it coming as they felt he had been showboating since purchasing the luxury vehicle back in May.

“This is the same car he was showing off the other day … sometimes life has a way of humbling you,” one user commented. “That’s why you no praise vanity fake Ras,” another posted.

The car reportedly cost the entertainer J$30 million.

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