Jamaican Born Author Tilsa Wright "Star Boy" Trilogy To Hit The Big Screen

Jamaican born author Tilsa Wright who recently ended her “Star Boy” trilogy is gearing up for a book signing event which will take place this summer in New York, U.S.A. Set in the Caribbean, “Star Boy” is a contemporary story of soon to be 18 years old high school student Tanya Watson. Tanya prides herself on her school work and on remaining chase and focused, albeit her older sister sexual escapades and her best friend tales of rendez vous between popular boys and naive girls. Tanya’s world will take an unexpected turn when in comes the handsome exchange student and star cricket player Brian Lane, her total opposite who will change her life forever. Star Boy takes readers on an emotional ride filled of relationship dramas, family values and life journey. The hit seller series is in talks to be made into a film adapted by St. Lucian born screenplay writer and producer Demedrius Charles. Spearheaded by Jamaican filmmaker Stephen Williamson, Big Bomb Films will be releasing a 10 minutes animation based on the best seller Star Boy series. Star Boy is also featured product placement in a British-Jamaican webseries titled ‘Dear Jesus’. (watch webpisode below). Star Boy is available on Amazon and Kindle. Tilsa Wright is available for interviews and appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings contact [email protected] Dear Jesus Season 2 Episode 1 Dear Jesus Season 2 Episode 2 yardhype Picking up where season 1 ended, Mercedes is forced to choose between her cheating ex-boyfriend who wants a second try at their relationship, and the new man in her life, David, who wants to make things official between them. while it may seem like a no-brainer, Mercedes and her ex have history, and though she really likes David, she hasn’t known him as long. WONDERLONDON FILMS Sponsored by “Star Boy” written by Tilsa Wright Created by • Danielle A Scott-Haughton Director of Photography • Seye Isikalu Production Manager • Yinka Obisesan Mercedes • Linda Adey Alexis • Samantha Earle Rochelle • Leonie Haynes-Moses Customer • Paula Kay Dear Jesus Theme Tune Let Me Breathe performed by Rain About The Author Born in Jamaica, author Tilsa Wright attended Camperdown High in Jamaica before heading to City College in South Florida. From a young age she found solace in words and a limitless imagination in books. With the stroke of a pen she could be transported to far away lands or could be living her biggest romantic fantasies. Tilsa Wright started writing in 2007 and published her first novel “Related Affairs” in 2010. A self-published author, Tilsa Wright is also the publisher of Sym-Magazine an online platform.

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