Jamaican Cultural Commentator Barbara Blake Hannah Under Fire For Serena Williams Comments

Jamaican cultural commentator Barbara Blake Hannah has received heavy backlash from Jamaican social media users following comments she made in response to a tweet sent by female tennis superstar Serena Williams.

On Monday night Serena tweeted “It’s very weird for me to believe, I have a child. A Kid. I’m a Mom, a real Mom.”

Blake Hannah then responded to Serena by saying “Congrats on becoming a Mom, now be a real mother and stay home with your baby. Quit Tennis while you are a winner and give your daughter a mother.”

The cultural commentator has since been getting heavy backlash for her response to Serena’s tweet.

Some social media users questioned her judgement, however, Hannah defended her opinion by stating that she believes “there is a growing age when the growing child needs Mom, and 3 months maternity leave is not enough, but 5-7 years would be ideal.”

She went further adding that Serena doesn’t need to play tennis forever because she has money and has a rich husband and should focus on not only raising her child but she can start the best tennis school to inspire black girls.

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she actually did ..and wrote a book about it…very instructive and good read too

Nothing is wrong with a good gesture. Besides she mentioned opening a school to teach girls tennis so she might give up on a professional level but still play the sport

So she’s an older lady…SHE KNOWS THE PAST MORE AND THE ROAD AHEAD OF US. Point #1; She congratulated Serina. 2. She pointed out the diff between a MOM and a mother. 3. She :advised” her to quit her job and transition into something else.. .she recommended that She should… Read more »

Wat a renking piece a woman tho everyone is pleased to do whatever they wanna do we love tek up ppl bizniz pon we head too damn much