Jay Baddz Revealed Kasanova Lied About Writing For Alkaline, “Publicity Stunt” [Video]

Kasanova manager (former) address the situation between them.

Jay Baddz also revealed that the fabricated stories that Kasanova wrote songs for alkaline just to get a hype.

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Pure battyman strategy them punk ya a try do to get a bust in the business ppl fi start beat uno with some board across uno head and run uno way it’s clear you guys are gay

Unuh shit up like

We all know this.. Kassonover is way pass illiterate so in no way,shape or form he could write for my artiste..

Now a days these artists a do everything fi get a likkle shy ina di spot light.

These dancehall stunt need fi stop (TIMEFIJAMAICAWAKEUP)and stop accept bare fuckery inna muzik