J’cans Launched Petition Asking KFC To Lower Zinger Price

Outraged by a $30 increase in the cost of the KFC Zinger combo meal, one lover of the sandwich has started a petition to have the price reverted to it’s original price.

Created by University Student Chelsi-Rae Buckley in Kingston Jamaica and posted to the website, Change.org, the petition calls for the fast food restaurant chain to “Bring Zingers back to under JMD$600”

“The Zinger is unarguably the best thing to come out of the Kentucky Fried Chicken establishment since the advent of BBQ chicken itself,” Buckley wrote. “As a student of the University of the West Indies, I used to look forward to a reasonably priced sandwich at least once a week.”

“It being just over $500 felt like a splurge, but well worth the sacrifice for it’s juicy sumptuousness. The addition of $30 may seem small to you corporate big wigs, but to the commonfolk the increase is just too much to bear.,” she added.

Persons wish to join the “Bring Zingers back to under JMD$600” campaign, can sign here.



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Why unnu Neva start petition for the bad roads inna Jamaica

Not even dog no eat that bout yah🇨🇦

Who so ever launch that petition don’t have nothing to do ,

My petition would be for the establishment to close down so that most of uno learn fi cook.

Like seriously a cook nuff a Dem people yah fi go cook especially some a Dem woman yah, Nuh wonder so much a Dem can’t get Nuh man the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.