Jenny Jenny Reportedly Apologised Over Her Role In Interview Of Girl Beaten By Machete

Jamaican radio host Jennifer ‘Jenny Jenny’ Small is still coming under fire almost two weeks after she used her radio show to interview the 12-year-old victim involved in the “cruelty to a child” case made public by the wide circulation of a video of the child being beating by her mother with a machete.

The Children’s Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison said that while she understands the desire of the media to cover the story a vulnerable victim was exposed in an inappropriate way.

“The intention to contribute to the discussion may have been noble but the psychological harm and re-traumatization of the child is the more likely result,” Gordon Harrison continued, noting that “This is a child who is being interviewed about her mother and about an incident that must have been very humiliating at the very least. My caution is that any interventions with the child are to be left to the persons trained to conduct such interventions and interviews.” Gordon Harrison said in an interview with Loop.

The matter is still being mentioned in the St Thomas Parish court.

Jenny Jenny has reportedly since apologised on air for her role in the interview.

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Good on you to apologized Jenny, no one is perfect and all of us make mistakes. Those of you without sin cast the first stone.

It takes a strong person to a
Apologize ..Big up Jenny Jenny!

dat picha ya scare mi

Straight ,them should a sue her ass

Ikr tink dem smart