Kanye West samples another Reggae song

Popular comedian/recording artiste Noel ‘Rozah Roze’ Ellis has been sampled by Kanye West in a new single called ‘All Day’, which sees him borrowing lines from Ellis’ single ‘Dance With Me’.

Rozah Roze is known for his acting cameos in the popular Ity & Fancy Cat show, however, before turning to acting, he was releasing original songs in Canada.

Speaking with Rozah Roze last night, he told The STAR that he did not expect that his music career could bear fruits after so many years.

“I am really surprised because I released my album which the sample came from in 1983. The label called me since that in the late 90s and told me that they were going to re-release it, and I gave them the go ahead, but I didn’t see this coming so many years later,” said Roze, who is the son legendary Rock Steady icon the late Alton Ellis.

music overseas

The artiste who left Canada to reside in Jamaica in 2008, after his father’s death, says he had a feeling something special was happening with his music overseas during his absent.

“Every time I go on the Internet fans of my music constantly tell me that they like the album. But Jamaicans don’t know much about it because it was released in Canada. I also saw that some white reggae bands were performing my songs in their sets and I thought, this mean something is going on overseas,” he said.

Roze was still uncertain how much money he would gain from the sample. However, he did reveal that he signed a contract with the record label based in Canada, permitting Kanye West to sample his work.

“The label called me and told me that I am going to get my percentage from the deal. I trust them to deal with me good because I have worked with them before and they gave me my advance and such,” he said.

With his current stroke of luck, Rozah Roze is now looking to give his musical career a rebirth.

“My songs are serious social commentaries, real reggae. I also worked with Sly and Robbie before so it is up to me to get back to the serious part of my music. Mi and Ity and Fancy Cat were speaking about that recently and they were saying that some attention should be placed into the music. So this year we will focus on that,” he said.

Rozah is also brother to veteran comedian Owen ‘Blakka’ Ellis. Kayne West is no stranger to dabbling in reggae music, the rapper sampled Super Bugle’s Dust A Sound Boy in 2012.

Listen To “ALL DAY”

Since the Rozah Roze sample, several persons have viewed Dance With Me on YouTube, some admitting that they only became aware of the song due to Kanye West’s sample.

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