Kasanova Says Jay Baddz Was “Obsessed With Him” & Would Use His “Bathing Rag” [Video]

Check out this interview with Kasanova discussing the relationship with Jay Baddz.

At one point during the interview, Kasanova says ay Baddz was so obsessed with him that he would use his rag to bathe with sometimes.

Check out the full interview above that was conducted by The Observer.

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Wow I’m appalled at these comments. He’s clearly stating that the behaviour of the other person was peculiar…..so he made efforts to remove himself from the situation…how does that make him gay? It’s obvious that the other guy was trying to CONTROL him….that doesn’t make kasanova gay. Bwoy mi nuh… Read more »

Bullet fi the two fish dem

Dem big fish both of dem

kasanova.look so dam gay like he is the female …

Dem a fish if wi catch uno anywhere at all Uno ago DEAD is demon’s like Uno a try destroy Jamaica reputation