Kenyatta Fire -The Nearest Tide (#kenyattafire) [Viral Video]

Jamaican Film Maker, Recording Artist, Film Editor, Musician, 3D & Visual Effects Artist, Songwriter, Mixing Engineer Kenyatta Fire has recently introduced a timeless song with an accompanied music video titled “The Nearest Tide”. The song was written and voiced by Kenyatta, and the music video was scripted, filmed and edited by Kenyatta as well. The video portrays the artiste as a Jamaican astronaut who is on a return mission back to earth. Being a topic on everybody’s social media page speaks volume of his accomplishment. His collective effort will certainly raise the talent spectrum from anything that the world has ever seen before. The song references his origins and journeys since birth. “The nearest tide will carry you home” being the chorus and theme will empower and inspire all people from all walks of life to endure and carry on through whatever obstacles and hardships we face. Such material coming from an independent artiste is nothing shorter than just genius. Having the command abilities for his talent, both musically and visually is every artiste and every record labels dream.

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