Khago Demands Skatta, Apologise To The Fans

Controversial reggae-dancehall artiste Khago is incensed that producer Cordel ‘Skatta’ Burrell has been using the platform of the Magnum Dancehall Kings and Queens show as a platform to hurl personal insults at the artiste and to disrespect his brand and his music. “How can Skatta who mi have so much respect for as a producer go on national TV and bruk mi CD on a dancehall competition that is supposed to be building up artistes, and teaching them respect and integrity for the music? How him even think about doing that? And how the sponsors and TVJ fi even condone him doing that? Him should apologise to the fans, him not even have to apologise to me, for dragging himself and the industry down like that? Him nuffi do dem tings de, the whole ah Jamaica lose offa him, him coulda choose another forum or platform to work out his issues with me,” Khago said in a statement. Skatta is a judge on the popular Magnum Dancehall Kings and Queens show. “Mi a demand say him apologise to the fans, him go loo,” Khago said. Khago believes that he is on a positive path, even though he is walking away from the deep pockets and vast resources of Josef Bogdanovich, CEO of Down Sound Records. “The way dem deal wid it, anno so poor people buss, with management ah show off pon people. With them, it’s all about money, mi caan get fi perform fi poor people again if dem no have all the money, and that is not how my career build. Right now, mi ah walk away from them and all them money and reclaim my soul and love for music,” Khago said. He said that since leaving Down Sound, he has rediscovered the pure joy of just doing music for the sheer love of it. “Before, it seemed like mi lost mi way, mi lost touch with poor people, nuff charity show weh mi miss fi poor people, mi can do dem again. Mi find say mi a hold a better meds, and nuff producers start send back dem riddim, other promoters start book back show fi me weh did tink say mi rich already and never need them. Being at Down Sound is a paradox, it seem like ah the right ting because dem have money fi promote but ask yu self why nobody nah buss round de since Fantan Mojah leave. The fans know dem music, dem recognize dem, but the music nah no soul inna it so the fans dem nah feel it. So right now, mi a leave Down Sound without any animosity, ah just music mi a focus pon right now. mi just respect wah dem a do and mi move on.”

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