Khago Drops “Transgender” Diss Song For Foota Hype & Matterhorn (Big Man Groupie)

khago drops a mini diss track for Foota hype and Tony Matterhorn. This stems from a recent statement by Foota Hype saying Khago is not hot.

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Foota hype inna every mix up…. not even gyal nuh mix up so…. real bitch. … Wat was ishawna thinking!? That a one head shawna run in to controversy

Well matterhorn n foota love fass wid people and a longtime mi hear sey matterhorn name call pon transgender

Fabian Lammie did you see the news this morning Foota answer Kargo and diss Killa so here it is bouts ago dun them

they use to dis kargo matteron an foota bite killa hand if a so u think

Footta hype is a disgrace look how the man skin out on a next man car