Khajeel Mais Sister Says The 2 Mil ‘blood money’ Should Be Given To Charity

The $2 million award made in the Supreme Court to Khajeel Mais Parents should be turned over to charity says Kimberly Mais, sister of younger teen brother Khajeel that was killed in July 2011.

“I pray to God that they give the money to charity. I am depressed. This money is nothing, is just blood money, like he’s paying for my brother’s death,” Kimberly said in an interview with Loop.

“This makes no sense, I told them not to sue, and if they did, they should put the money to charity, to a good cause, perhaps to help other parents who have lost their children tragically.” she adds.

Incarcerated businessman Patrick Powell has been ordered to pay the family of slain Kingston College student Khajeel Mais just over 2 million dollars.

The order was reportedly made in the Supreme Court yesterday by Justice Stephanie Jackson Haisley in a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the businessman by the parents of the 17-year-old.


Incarcerated Businessman Patrick Powell Ordered To Pay Khajeel Mais Family $2 Mil

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2 million Jamaican dollars is nothing. And money can never bring him back. He should do the jail time like any other civilians.

Yo see the taxi bowy a sell out,but just wait jah ago beat u youth sell out the youth life to the rich

Use it put a dinna pon him head live movado say


Yes girl you’re not hungry