King Ital Rebel starts a ‘Rebel Chant’ with his debut album

Multi-talented reggae singer, King Ital Rebel is intent to make his mark on the mainstream music scene as he unveils his debut album aptly titled Rebel Chant.

Set for official release on May 20 via VP / VPAL, the 15-track set features an array of sounds and themes that take listeners on a musical journey full of variety and intrigue as King Ital Rebel shares stories of positivity, revelation and spirituality making for a project filled with true meaning.

The opening track, Keep It Positive offers a combination of hip-hop and techno infused beats which provide a background to the singer’s lyrics about livity, staying strong through adversity and calm through the pressure. Songs such as Show Love and Livity also present similar messages; mixing soothing instrumentals and eras of sound in one.

Chalice Inna Palm, featuring Promise No Promises is a true anthem for the herbalists; pushing themes of meditation and peace while the single, Medical Passcode (featuring Grimbit) follows suit in terms of the message, but with a more IDM-influenced sound to fit the tone of the song.

Rebel Chant showcases vocal and conceptual maturation from King Ital Rebel as he experiments with sounds from around the world to appeal not only to fans of reggae music but fans of varying genres across the world. All of the songs on the album were written by the entertainer himself and reflect the transformation he has made as a musician and person.

The album will be available via all major digital music outlets and is available for pre-order as of May 2nd. This Rebel Chant will be heard all around and make a joyful noise that permeates the airwaves with good, clean music for the people to fulljoy.

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