Konshens and Raine Seville (Bugle’s Girlfriend/Wife?) .

It is unclear as to what these photos are for, it could be for a video, photo shoot or simply publicity stunt.  Nevertheless, they both seem to be enjoying themselves.


The photos were captioned on Facebook as follow:
Today, I was going through music as usual and my phone buzzed, it was an email. It turned out not be a typical email, but a pic that almost blew my mind. I had to look at the pic a few times. Konshens and Raine Seville O_o. Who saw this coming? Certainly, not me. I responded to the sender, asking, ‘ok is which video this for’, I was told in no uncertain manner that it was not for a video. I was informed that more pictures would be forthcoming. I was speculative. I asserted that this had to be from a video, perhaps ‘No Hesitation’, after I had sent off the email, I remembered that that video was already out. I couldn’t recall, at the time of writing, a Raine Seville Konshens combo. I reached out to Konshens, no response. Tried his management, no response. Called Raine Seville and she had no comment and promptly clicked the phone in my ear. Well, so mi get it ah so mi give it.

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