Lady Saw invites Safaree over… Cooks rice and peas for him

Rapper/dancehaller Safaree Samuels Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend is in the island and it seems safaree has been having a great time hanging with local celebrities and fans.
The rapper, who is of Jamaican heritage, is also doing some recording on the island for his upcoming project, as well as, hosting a few parties including a pool party in Kingston on Sunday.

Safaree also got a chance to meet two of his favourite artists of all time, Bounty Killer and Lady Saw. The dancehall queen invited SB over to her house and cooked some Jamaican tradition rice and peas and chicken for him.

“So when you have a legend like @ladysawdhqueen saying “Safaree come over so i can cook for you” you cant do nothing but drop what your doing and get there!! I been hearing about her cooking through the grapevine for a while !!! Thank you for inviting me to your beautiful huge home and cooking me the best yawdd food ive had in a long time! Stew chicken rice n peas and some badd fishhhh! Not gonna lie this trip to jamaica has been a dream in every aspect of it,” Safaree wrote on Instagram.


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