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Lie the residents a tell, all that girl in the front, if the don don’t want you IRS simply because you’re not attractive, the 17 yr old was beautiful and smart, you’re a whore look like everyone in the community has had a piece of you, look like you have… Read more »

Why invest so much in your child for so many years just to destroy their lives???? That community needs a purge

This mother take care of her children didn’t give them up school her do you know the cost to school a child to this age. And you guys accusing her now come on people karma is a bitch knows every address

Regardless Y’all ppl stupid
Have some fuckin remorse regardless. Where is your fuckin humanity? It could be anyone in the position and shit went off….

I feel for that young girl soooooo much. And those ladies shooting off their mouths seem OK with the loss of such a sweet girl… but they would. Ignorance is a kind word to describe them. So sad!