Lee “Scratch” Perry talks about wiping out the Queen of England [Video]

Whether you prefer to call him a madman or a genius, there’s no doubt that Lee “Scratch” Perry is a living legend. The man who gave the Wailers their “Natural Mystic” and pushed the frontiers of dub music at his Black Ark studio has never lost his creative mojo, even at the age of 78. In the third installment of Reshma B’s exclusive interview with Scratch, he talks about why Princess Kate, the future Queen of England, is not the sort of girl he wants to see in bed—and why neither the Queen of England, America, the Illuminati, nor the Free Masons can make it. “The people get wise and start to realize they don’t want to serve the Devil.” Salute to Mark James for shooting this one. Subscribe to Boomshots TV for more crucial reggae, dub, and dancehall videos.

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