Likle Mystic – Born To Loose



listen to this new roots reggae track from Likle Mystic – Born To Loose [Ziggyblacks Productions 2015]

“Born To Lose” by Likle Mystic hits itunes today 03.03.15.
Another amazing single from the “Mystic Man” – a true-born winner. The artist explains what it is to “Lose” and how it is to get caught up in the negativity of society. In contrary to the actual title of the track, the lyrics when contextualize is an actual empowering message for the youths in society. As is evident Likle Mystic is a veteran artist that has passed through many rough times in both his music and social life and has the first hand experience of being impoverished and not knowing the way to turn. Despite all odds Likle Mystic has remained humble and in the confines of the law. Growing up in Jamaica and living in Panama – where he has for almost twenty years now, Mystic has been exposed to a variety of different cultural backgrounds. Being a hardworking and talented man – The Mystic Man has always been focused on doing something positive while maintaining his will to “survive”. In recent years the Mystic Man as he sometimes monitored, has managed to take his passion and enthusiasm for music to fans worldwide. Releasing his debut album “Solvation” augmented by singles such as “Shotta”, “Murder She Wrote” and his follow up album “Jamaica Island in The Sun” – Likle Mystic has been using the world’s stage as platform to comment on various social issues; lending his voice to the voiceless so as to encourage a positive change in society.

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