Lil Kiesha Puts A Rap On Fakes

JAMAICA born, United Kingdom-based rapper Lil Kiesha has put her concern to music. She contends many persons in her neck of the woods are pretending to be Jamaican.Her January-released debut video on YouTube, Jamaica Unknown, has over 15,000 viewings. The song was produced by Xplicit Productions and shot in Birmingham pub, England.

“Most people in the UK like to use Jamaican terminologies and, at times, try to imitate our behavior and culture. Everyone wants to be like us Jamaicans, but they often they get it wrong. They think they know, but most time have no idea,” the 26-year-old said. “Dem a try use we slang, just trying to sound and be like us.”

Currently working on completing her first album Intensity, Lil Kiesha (given name Nikisha Lindsay) is upbeat about the track. “It’s a firm stepping stone, and a solid foundation for bigger things to come,” she said.  Formerly of Portmore in St Catherine, the artiste has been residing in Birmingham, England, for the past 12 years.

Other releases include Bikini Babe (produced by Bighead Dez); Get Low and Watch My Body (both produced by Xplicit Productions).


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