Lisa Hanna Apologises Over Fake News On St. Lucian Diplomat

Lisa Hanna has responded to the embarrassing error made on Wednesday where she incorrectly stated that Anton Edmunds, the St. Lucian Ambassador to the Organisation of American States, was a victim of the Las Vegas shooting.

“It is with regret that I learnt that the Ambassador had succumbed to the injuries sustained in the incident on Sunday night which claimed 58 other victims. Ambassador Edmund succumbed to his injuries yesterday following the shooting incident.” Lisa said of the St. Lucian Ambassador

However, in a subsequent statement, Foreign Affairs Minister Senator Kamina Johnson Smith refuted this assertion and said Ambassador Edmunds is alive and well.

“That release was inadvertently sent out by someone in my office. It was later rescinded. I actually had a very good conversation with (His Excellency) Edmunds… and certainly I expressed regret at the information that was released from my office,” Hanna said.

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That’s proven that the same way then tell people in Jamaica everything false


It look like all m.p mad