Lisa Hanna’s Bikini Photo Worries Popular Clergyman

Former Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna have been criticized by popular clergyman Father Richard Ho Lung over a picture she posted to her Instagram account celebrating her 42nd birthday.

The former minister uploaded a bikini photo on her 42nd birthday showing off her incredible physique.

Whilst, the former Miss World receives thousands of likes and positives comments Richard Ho Lung believes that as a public figure Hanna should be careful of the pictures she puts out as it will evoke passions in people and become a source of temptation.

This is not the first time Ho Lung criticized Lisa Hanna as in 2015, he blasted her for being the disappointment of 2014, after she posted a picture of herself at the beach wearing a yellow bikini and a blouse.

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He’s human he obviously has a serious crush on Lisa

Leave the woman alone, weh unnu wan her wear to the beach, pants n T-shirt. Kmt. Lisa Hannah you rocked it

Cause a batty dem love,,, they hate to see sexy body ladies……lol


Beg him fi a beg a fuck….