Lisa Hanna Receives Heavy Backlash After Falsely Reporting St. Lucian Ambassador’s death

The People’s National Party newly-appointed Opposition Spokesperson Lisa Hanna is receiving heavy backlash, following a statement Wednesday afternoon that falsely reported that Anton Edmunds, St. Lucian Ambassador to the Organisation of American States (OAS), was a victim of the Las Vegas shooting.

In the statement, Lisa Hanna, the newly-appointed Opposition Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, said she was saddened by the tragic death of the St. Lucian Ambassador.

She said: “It is with regret that I learnt that the Ambassador had succumbed to the injuries sustained in the incident on Sunday night which claimed 58 other victims. Ambassador Edmund succumbed to his injuries yesterday following the shooting incident.”

However, in a subsequent statement, Foreign Affairs Minister Senator Kamina Johnson Smith said Ambassador Edmunds is alive and well.

In her statement, Mrs. Johnson Smith also noted that the new Opposition Spokesperson should exercise caution and sensitivity in pronouncing on such matters and on matters generally associated with Jamaica’s foreign policy and relations.

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