Listen: ‘Sexually Explicit’ Voice Note Allegedly Of Girl Beaten By Machete In St. Thomas

A video has been circulating heavily on social media showing the partially nude woman beating the girl violently with a cutlass, while cursing expletives.

However, below is an alleged voice note of the little girl in the video telling a man that she loves how he dealt with the “Pu$$Y” and she really enjoyed the little moment.

In the voice note alleged to be that of the victim, she also says “yo caah a deal wid the pu$$y so so rough yah fi tek time wid it or else yah kill the pu$$y but mi just did love how it taste in a mi mouth”

In the meantime, the police say they have taken into custody the woman who was seen in a video beating a girl.

Lol no joke some a dem Pikney yah fi get it dem too out a order

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Would this then justify the action of the woman or she should have found an alternative mean to punish her? share your thoughts

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Omg if I could shake your hand my only issue is the choice of tool she should used her hands or a belt but some of us as parents and mothers are being so hypocritical towards this don’t know what the lady is going through its not easy sometimes… Read more »

You don’t here the lady she is tire go in her shoes then you can talk dem teenager deh a headache and family court don’t help

Thanks God there are still some real jamaicans out here….👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Lick out steam out out her the woman tired

A either the mother decipline her or society ago do it and we’ll see which one worse