Lybran recalls getting attacked by a Man with a MACHETE

“GOD SAVE ME!!!”- was Lybran words. It was that evening I know God was in the midst of everything, it’s like when Jesus turns water into wine. Recently before discovering my craft it was like everything was going downhill I almost gave up on life-and never know what I would become- because the system confined me and I was tempted to do some bad things that lingered in my thoughts to survive. I was bewildered with terror of darkness and I felt that I let down my father, my mother, my son and also myself. However I try my best to keep my head above the water even though it was at my neck, but I keep pushing and visioning myself as a great person who makes an impact in society positively- Deep down I know I wasn’t born to pay bills and just die, I know I have greatness in me, so I prayed and God answered my prayers. (bittersweet).
On September 2016 I was distributing some cds To the Mix tape people in the streets as a one man street team. Upon reaching Dj Kenny HQ, Don Kingston and CD Banging I saw some group of people so I just wanted to get my material out.

There was this one person who 1 had some miss understand with someone who I won’t mention his name here but we was friends and we grew up together in the parish that I was born in. Recently walked away from a club in St Ann that I was the manager for and come back to Kingston to continue my career. I needed something to keep pushing and sending my child to school so I end up asking that person to let me run some Robot taxi for him with his car in which he agreed. At the time a minor accident happen with the car and there was a claim on the car. So the person said I owed them a hundred thousand in which they know that I was trying to get back on track and they even know that argument was not valid totally I look humble so home boy trying to rip me off.
That evening at Dj Kenny HQ the arcade in Half Way Tree beside the passport office before the altercation I heard the lord voice said “-there will be danger here but I am with you”- then said thank you lord with trust and confidence. I turned to Don Kingston and said this man is going to rush mi so he should pay attention with my back turn to him (my attacker) at the time I was working with a timing I never know I knew. So I turn around and prepare myself for what is next but luckily he know not of my knowledge jah told me about everything before it happen it’s like I saw everything on how it happen. My attacker approach me “You NAAH GIMI MI MONEY?” my yute avoid me was my exact words while some dude run for a orange color bag and I saw my attacker pull out a machete without hesitation he chap after me then 4 of his friends come to assist him at that time I know I have less than a minute to do everything. We end up on the ground I got kicked by two but all I was paying attention to is the machete and somehow I manage to disarm my attacker and now have the upper hand where they all ran away. while my hand middle was cut from a seemingly garlic machete because I never knew I got cut until the police took me to the police station in (hwt) HALF WAY TREE where I gave my statement and refuse to press charges.

The next day I prayed for him and ask God to forgive him because “God was with me my rod and staff he comfort me” around my computer playing and instrument called gun inna baggy and vibing and thinking about the situation the words came to my thoughts “THE OTHER DAY MI LINK CD BANGING CAUSE THE MIX DEM BAD AND THE CD BANGING ARTIST SIMI DAWG AND A TRY LOOK A THING BEFORE ME EVEN TALK IS A LASS DAT A SWING”. Same time Pirates of the Caribbean was on my tv in which I jump for joy “yes I found it!” as I smile I started to write the song and call Deano Deann in St Thomas and tell him about the project and he didn’t hesitate. So it started like a bad situation for me to really find my craft.
Thanks to recording artist I-Octane to link my attacker on three ways with me on the cell phone and help to siv out the matter. We all have ego as a man and am happy I never take the same route to harm another brother if it wasn’t for Octane I know I would have to make up my mind to live a different life but God didn’t want that for me. So I recorded the first one which is Rumtalk and people appreciate the style and the lyrics then I did part 2 and it becomes viral. I notice the fans love the style till everybody both international and local give me support. I am now owning my craft and doing not only current affair music but all kind of idea that this rumtalk voice can carry local and also internationally. And that is how the rumboss find his style. BITTERSWEET but give thanks to the most high and his way of doing things. Always put God first Granmaah said. She was right!!

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