Macka Diamond's Recent Music Video 'Dye Dye' Restricted By Youtube

According to the artiste, for YouTube to restrict a music video it must be flagged as being inappropriate by viewers. These viewers, she believes, are simply other artistes who have succumbed to the competitiveness of dancehall. “I think some people went out of their way to flag the song. Yu know deh badmind something deh? It’s just part of the business and some people can’t stand competition. I don’t fight against artiste. I just showed them that I might be older but I am not cold,” she said. The artiste, who released the sexually laced music video just over a week ago, disclosed that there are two versions of the video on YouTube. Therefore, viewers had a choice whether they wanted to be exposed to the raw version or not. “Right now you have to be 18 and over to view the explicit video. But I did one version clean as well which is also on YouTube. I don’t think they were right to block the video because I have seen worse songs on YouTube and they are not blocked. I think dancehall is sleeping and I just decided to wake them up by steaming up things. At the end of the day people have a choice, I don’t see the need to block my video,” the deejay said. Macka Diamond says the reception to Dye Dye’s music video has been mostly positive, and revealed that she already has plans to release a follow-up music video for an equally controversial single called Sort Me Out. “I have to say big up to Truck Back Records because they are a group of producers who know what they want and they know how to produce the vision of the artiste,” she said. Also restricted on YouTube is Clap Dat, performed by dancehall artistes Konshens and Leftside. This music video was flagged by the YouTube community in August 2012, after women were exposed fully naked while gyrating on the artistes. International pop artiste Robin Thicke had his music video for Blurred Lines banned by in March after the singer featured topless models in several scenes. Macka Diamond is currently in the United States where she is embarking on her Bun Him pt 2 book tour. ‘I think some people went out of their way to flag the song. Yu know deh badmind something deh?’

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